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-Increase nutrition to muscles and elimination of muscular waste products

--Increase working muscle efficiency and stimulate muscle tone

-Decrease recovery time of fatigued muscles

-Decrease muscles spasms and relief of tension that can cause skeletal misalignment

-Restores extensibility and increases range of motion

-Breakdown and reduction of scar tissue


-Increases circulation [The #1 effect of massage]

-Strengthens and slows heart rate


-Dilates arteries and veins and increases venous return

-Aids in cellular nutrition

-Increases oxygen movement and the disposal of carbon dioxide and cell waste

-Dramatically reduces swelling

-Assists in detoxification and immune stimulation

-Relief from "stocking up"


-Increases local cellular metabolism, increasing local cellular demand for oxygen

-Increases oxygen input and carbon dioxide output

-Expands bronchial tubes and increases elimination of mucous in lungs

-Increase mobility of thorax and vital capacity


[2nd most dramatic effect of massage]

-Promotes nutrition of nerves through beneficial effects on digestion, elimination, and circulation

-Stimulates parasympathetic nervous system for relaxing effect, producing relief of pain and irritability

-Stimulates sympathetic nervous system for producing increased activity of muscles, vessels, and glands

-Stimulates gastrointestinal system

-Stimulates glands and hormone release

-Increases energy by reducing energy spent on coping with pain


Localized Contradictions:

[Can often still work with horse while avoiding certain areas]


-Areas of sepsis

-Bacterial Infection

-Areas of acute inflammation


-Nerve damage

-Recent injection

-Respiratory issues

Possible Contradictions:

-Elevated temperature

-Impaction Colic

-Within 72 hours of post recumbent surgery

-Feeding time, last horse left in the barn, thunderstorm, or other environment upsets

-Unruly behaviour


Absolute Contradictions:

-Undiagnosed outbreak

-Metastizing cancer



-Horse is on tranqulizers


-Break through of a pre-existing abscess

-Spreading of metastasizing cancer