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Sierra Tempest

Sierra is my heart horse. She chose me, and I fell in love with her the moment she walked up behind me and nuzzled my back. She is a coming 3 year old Morgan with an outgoing, silly, and willing-to-please personality. She loves giving kisses and is extremely affectionate. She's still early in her training, but we're taking things nice and slow as she matures.

Sweetie Belle

Belle is my daughters' wonderful little 16 year old pony. She is one of the kindest and sweetest souls you could ever meet. Thanks to her natural calm and affectionate nature I am hoping to get her registered as a therapy pony this year so she can bring joy to special-needs children, the elderly, and the ill.

Moondancers Grace

Grace is my mom's gorgeous 10 year old Arab X and the latest addition to our herd. She has a very sweet and slightly shy personality. She is very smart, attentive, a joy to work with, and my riding companion while Sierra matures and learns.

Spartan Fire

Spartan is our rescue that I brought in on New Years Eve. Poor guy had been through quite a bit. He was being kept in a paddock so thick with trees and brush that he could barely move, resulting in him having a lot of issues with stiffness. His hooves were all horribly overgrown, and he was extremely thin. The lady I picked him up from had removed him from the situation, gotten his feet an intial trim, and got a bit of weight on him. When he came home he was still very underweight, his hooves still very unbalanced and multiple abscesses in one rear hoof, and he was still quite sore. Since being with us he has put on a good amount of weight and muscles and healed up wonderfully. He is such a sweet and affectionate gentleman, and the peacekeeper of the herd. Truly a diamond in the rough.